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Hardin Family Photo Gallery

Photos to this area will be added on a regular basis as more become available. Check back from time to time to see what has been added. To view photos, simply scroll down and click on your desired photo that you would like to view. Use your browser's BACK arrow to return to the gallery.  You may download any photo for your own collection. After you have selected a photo, click the thumbnail. Right click on the photo and select the "Save Photo As" or "Save Target As" options. ENJOY!

Note that in group photos the people named will be in the following order....Left to right....Front to back. The photos in this gallery are in no particular order. They were arranged in the order that they were received.

Last Updated 05/03/2011

Harvey Hardin the son of Saviel & Nancy Hardin

Clarinda Green the first wife of Harvey Newton Hardin

According to Tressler Hardin (Tom Hardin's son) more than likely this was Harvey Hardin's home in Kentucky.

This is Benson United Methodist Church, just north of Kelat, KY. Back in Harvey's time, it was called Benson Episcopal Methodist Church. He attended here for several decades.

This is the headstone of John Gideon Hardin. John was the brother of Harvey Hardin

Four Hardin Brothers. Three are named on the photo.

Thomas Hardin with his new wife. Thomas is the son of Harvey & Clarinda Hardin

This is a photo of Tom Hardin with his second wife and his kids. Tressler is on the back / left.

This is Tressler Hardin as he looks today at the age of 88 years.

Prentice Tinney the son of Joseph Tinney and Addie Hardin-Tinney.

Ephraim Hardin the son of Harvey and Clarinda Hardin

Rosa Belle Green-Hardin

Close up of Rosa Belle Green-Hardin

Ephraim Hardin and friend in front of Ephraim's trolley. Photo taken in early 1900's

Stella Green is Rosa Belle Green-Hardin's sister

Orie Hardin, Lawrence Hardin, & Ephraim Hardin. Photo taken around 1918

Orie Hardin, Helen Hardin, & Rosa Belle Green-Hardin

Orie Hardin at aprox. 7 years of age.

Orie Hardin between two sailor friends in the 1930s.

Mary & Orie Hardin in the 1930s

Orie Hardin the son of Ephraim & Rosa Belle Hardin

Keith Hardin at age of under 5 months old.

Keith Hardin & Orie Hardin. Photo was taken around 1951.

Paul Hardin, Rebecca Hardin, Orie Hardin, Mary Hardin, & Keith Hardin. Photo taken in 1959

Keith Hardin the son of Orie & Mary Hardin

Paul Hardin the son of Orie & Mary Hardin

Rebecca Hardin-Link the daughter of Orie & Mary Hardin

Jerri & Keith Hardin. Photo taken in the early 80's.

Marsha & Paul Hardin. Paul Hardin is the son of Orie & Mary Hardin

Kelly Scott the daughter of Mike & Marsha Hardin

Gary Link & Rebecca Hardin-Link

The Link Family

Isabelle Rose and Gabrielle Bleu Link

Ann & Daniel Hardin. Daniel is the son of Keith & Jerri Hardin

Elizabeth, Matthew, & Joshua Hardin. They are the children of Daniel & Ann Hardin

Matthew Hardin the son of Daniel & Ann Hardin

Elizabeth Hardin the daughter of Daniel & Ann Hardin

Joshua Hardin the son of Daniel & Ann Hardin

Katherine Hardin the daughter of Daniel & Ann Hardin

Christina Hardin-Ferris the daughter of Keith & Jerri Hardin

Samantha Ellis & William Ellis. Samantha Ellis is the daughter of Christina Hardin-Ferris

Christopher & Benjamin Crisler the sons of Christina Hardin-Ferris

Angelina Kerns the daughter of Christina Hardin-Ferris

Lawrence Hardin the son of Ephram & Rosa Belle Hardin

Larry Hardin, Janet Hardin, Marie Hardin, Orie Hardin, & Mary Hardin

Robert, Janet, & Lawrence Hardin. Note: Robert is the son of Lawrence & Janet Hardin

Adele & Bob Hardin

Casey Hardin-Costa the daughter of Robert & Adele Hardin

Casey Hardin-Costa & (Father) Robert Hardin

Casey Hardin-Costa and (Sister) Kathryn Hardin

Casey Hardin-Costa and her brother Frank Hardin

Ethel Rechter-Towson-Hardin & Ephraim Hardin in front of their car.

James Hardin the son of Ephram & Ethel Hardin

Marie Hardin and friend

Mary Elizabeth Brown-Hardin

Back in the early 40's, James Hardin and Mary Brown-Hardin play in the snow.

James Hardin and his sons. James Hardin, Jim Hardin, Tim Hardin, & Bruce Hardin

Bruce Hardin the son of James & Mary Hardin

Tim Hardin the son of James & Mary Hardin

James Kent Hardin the son of James & Mary Hardin. James goes by the name of Kent to avoid confusion..

James Kent Hardin as he looks in 2010.

Helen Hardin-Lindwall the daughter of Ephraim & Rosa Belle Hardin

Edna Hardin the daughtere of Billy B. Hardin

Aunt Jenny Towson. She was the wife of the late Leroy (Judd) Towson

Uncle Don Martin is the husband to Marie Hardin Martin.

Linda Towson Wilson is the daughter of Judd and Jenny Towson.

Kent Hardin screws up again and gets the “evil eye” from Margret.

Kent Hardin and Tim Hardin are the sons of Jim and Mary Hardin

Uncle Jim Hardin is the son of Ephraim Lawrence and Ethel Towson Hardin

Sharon Towson Smith is the daughter of Bud and Pauline Towson.

Marie Hardin Martin is the daughter of Ephraim Lawrence and Ethel Towson Hardin.

Linda Towson Wilson and her grandson.

Doug martin is the son of Don and Marie Martin.

Norman Towson is the son of Judd and Jenny Towson.

Kent shows his appreciation for the food he got at the MCL Cafeteria.

Orie Hardin shoots his gun while Mary Ronk Hardin and Marie Hardin Martin look on.

Orie Hardin in his 20’s.

Elizabeth Hardin is the daughter of Daniel W. Hardin and Ann Herbert Hardin. Now you know why Daniel has gray hair.

Kent Hardin and Tom McCormick. Tom McCormick is the son of Roma Hardin McCormick.

Ashlea Florence O'Neil, her husband Jim, daughter Kellen, and son Conor